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"Staying...everything starts in that moment, when after your escape you choose the island and decide to sail together, realizing common dreams towards a better future." 

Architetto Federico Cartamantiglia Aquadulci Chia Cagliari Sardegna ritratto Barbara Pau f

Born in 1992 in Alghero, Italy. He studied architecture at the University of Sassari, Alghero Department of Architecture enriching hisEducation with experiences in Istanbul, Faculty of Architecture (İTÜ); Amsterdam, Academy of Architecture (AHK); Copenhagen, Royal Danish Academy; Hong Kong, University of Architecture (HKU); Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ETSAM).Professional experiences equally formative were carried out in Patagonia Argentina, General Roca in the HCAT studio, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city at Vo Trong Nghia (VTN Architects), Hong Kong in the studyRural Urban Framework (RUF) to then return to Sardinia where he spent a short period in the studioPixels of Alghero.​

Today freelancer architect collaborates with various local professionals.

Research a Neohumanist Architecture, regenerating ancient values, craftsmanship in constant dialogue with contemporary needs and technologies. Each project represents an opportunity to create accessible uniqueness, opening up previously unexpected design horizons.

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