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Fogo 2 - Cagliari

Made in collaboration with the architect Silvia Mocci,

the project for Fogo stems from research on the Artifice-Nature relationship, within highly urbanized areas lacking in vegetation such as the center of Cagliari.

Compared to Fogo Alghero, developed in a rural area, here the context changes completely, nature dominated the architecture for most of the experience, in this case, nature becomes a work of art, a punctual jewel around which the architecture tries to adapt.


Passing outside this almost conflictual relationship finally finds its compositional balance.

The space develops through the bamboo false ceiling, the industrial concrete flooring, and the large bar counter, their organic shapes generate a new spatial experience.


Unlike the first Fogo, here the internal-external transition is not marked, on the contrary, it is almost imperceptible.


Cagliari, Italy

January 2022

PhotoStudio Bulbo

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