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ETSAM Project awarded with Honors

12 giu 2019

2019, Unit Soriano, Undergrad-P8, L

_MAT SUECA seeks to introduce the three proposals presented by

the neighbors in any of the surfaces of the building, no matter it's walls, floors or ceilings.

This action wants to maximize the useful area of the building to accommodate the largest number of uses in the smallest possible space, thus multiplying the performance of the palace.

The Palace of Sueca is a building intervened by Patrimonio where their first priority was to preserve the existing form and open it to three proposals for citizen participation that seek to occupy the space. Our proposal allows these programs to do not develop only on the ground but on all surfaces. The programs are ordered according to two parameters: their distance from the door that indicates the privacy, and the area that they occupy according to the client.

This criterion is applied to all the surfaces of the Palace, bringing down every facet of the rooms in the horizontal plane. The superposition of both dispositions helps us to find the place for each program.

The prototype of polycarbonate tries to solve the deployment of each program on the surface on which it develops (wall, floor, and ceiling).

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